The Ethereum token for humans.

Swap ETH for uETH

Tired of holding <1 ETH?

microETH is a token representing a single micro unit of Ethereum.

...or more specifically:

microETH token SI units ETH
1 uETH 1 µETH 0.000001 ETH

The goal of the microETH token project is to make Ethereum easier to use for those who suffer from the psychological effect known as "unit bias". Would you rather receive 5000 uETH or 0.005 ETH?

How does it work?

microETH, also known as uETH, is built as a standard ERC-20 token.

You can freely convert Ethereum to uETH using our app, which, in turn, directly connects to the microETH contract.

microETH can be stored in any wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens, such as MetaMask.

The microETH token value will fluctuate with the price of Ethereum, but should always remain cheap enough that any human can afford to purchase whole units.


What is microETH?

An ERC-20 compatible token on the Ethereum blockchain. The symbol is: uETH

Why was microETH created?

To help people who suffer from "unit bias" use Ethereum and its token ecosystem.

When did microETH launch?

December 2021.

Who created microETH?

Developers who love the Ethereum ecosystem. See our GitHub page.

How do the creators profit from microETH?

microETH is a completely autonomous smart contract that simply exchanges Ether for uETH tokens. There was no presale, allocation, or other benefits granted to the developers.

How can I buy or sell microETH?

You can convert uETH directly using our app. Also check your favorite token exchanges.

I just want to be sure, can I audit the microETH contract?

Of course! We've designed microETH to be as simple as possible. On mainnet, the official contract is located at: 0xBb7bE7cC5ABb65d3A29D7982236481ddF4F10b09.

Can I use microETH on layer-2 (L2) networks?

Yes. Here is the list of supported networks.

Network L1 Contract L2 Contract Bridge
Arbitrum One 0xBb7b....0b09 0x00AC....997E bridge.arbitrum.io


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